SD sawa yoritsugu
Yoritsugu Sawa is Rakan's foster grandparent. He lived alone until he took in Rakan and his mother, who had lost her memories, after they fell into his garden. He is very rich. He investigated whether there was a search warrant for Rakan and his mother. He created an institution overseas and made a family register for them.


Etymology Edit

Sawa (沢) means "swamp". Yoritsugu (頼継) means "trust/request" and "inherit/succeed/patch/graft".


Yoritsugu Sawa has a very easygoing personality. When Rakan and his mother fell into his garden, he wasn't suspicious of them at all, and even adopted them.


Rakan SawaEdit

He saw Rakan as the grandson he never had and gave Rakan his name.

Rakan's motherEdit

He regarded Rakan's mother as the daughter he never had.

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