Volume 22: Wish
Publication Information
  • January 20, 2011
    (ISBN : 978-4864230797)
Preceded by Volume 21: Puppets
Followed by Volume 23: The Beginning And The End

Wish (望み) is the twenty-second volume of the Silver Diamond series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

To save Narushige and change the settings of the "Life Seed Tree", Rakan and the others make their way to the capital. However, Narushige, being manipulated by the Ayame Prince, blocks their path?! Can he be rescued?! This is the must-see volume 22, with 6 pages of the "Pillow Fight Contest Report" included


Chapter 64: WishEdit

Chapter 65: Eyes OpenEdit

Chapter 66: LightEdit

Volume ExtrasEdit

Pillow Fight Contest ReportEdit


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