Volume 19: VS The World
Publication Information
  • February 20, 2010
    (ISBN : 978-4887419735)
 cover dates

  • Sept., Nov., and Dec. 2009

Preceded by Volume 18: Confessions
Followed by Volume 20: Before the Storm

VS The World (VS世界) is the nineteenth volume of the Silver Diamond series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

To save the alternate world, to fight against the "God" that's manipulating the world, to save one's kidnapped comrades, to regain one's self...! Focused on grasping the future, Rakan and the others heads to the capital?! This is the must-read volume 19, with 4 pages of extras, such as "Sense of danger", etc.!!


Chapter 55: Strings of FateEdit

Chapter 56: Order of PriorityEdit

Chapter 57: VS. The WorldEdit

Volume ExtrasEdit

Fairy tales change little by little as they are passed down to future generations.Edit

Rakan mentions that Chigusa currently looks like Princess Kaguya, and upon hearing this, Hakubi asks the Sanome Guards who she is. We then learn that the guards don't really know the fairytale all that well.

Sense of DangerEdit

The Guards think that they should rescue Narushige as soon as possible, because Chigusa is totally taking advantage of Rakan while he isn't there.

Because They are BrothersEdit

Kazuhi keeps coddling Tohji, in a similar way to how Chigusa coddles Rakan, and the others aren't very impressed.

Naming MeetingEdit

The Guards think of names for the Shinjus, coming up with ones that sound like names of shops and shop merchandise.