Volume 16: The Last Night
Publication Information
  • January 20, 2009
    (ISBN : 978-4887419001)
 cover dates

  • Sept., Nov., and Dec. 2008

Preceded by Volume 15: The Villain
Followed by Volume 17: The Senroh Family

The Last Night (最後の夜) is the sixteenth volume of the Silver Diamond series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

Celebrate with the serpents! Sae joins up!! While Rakan and the others seizes the chance to have the serpents as their allies, the capital is now in a state of emergency because the Seed of Eternal Life has been planted?! Volume 16 is full of dramatic turns, and includes 4 must-see extra stories ("Speaking of Which", etc.)!!


Chapter 46: The TideEdit

Chapter 47: The Last NightEdit

Chapter 48: Too LateEdit

Volume ExtrasEdit

Speaking of WhichEdit

After learning that Kazuhi, Miya, and Goushi are all older than he is (from chapter 45), Narushige decides to be more formal with them. He is soon reminded, however, of who else he's younger than...

Favorable 2 (or Mischievous 1)Edit

Continues with the theme of addressing elders with the proper respect. Tohji gets a little advice from Chigusa on how brothers should address one another.

Various ReasonsEdit

A continuation of the politeness theme. The guards discuss the appropriateness of addressing Chigusa with or without an honorific.

Taking this OpportunityEdit

Continues with politeness. The guards decide it's only proper to add "-sama" to Rakan's name.