Volume 11: Black and White
Publication Information
  • May 20, 2007
    (ISBN : 978-4887417625)
 cover dates

  • Dec. 2006, Mar. and Apr. 2007

Preceded by Volume 10: Dreamland
Followed by Volume 12: The Fool

Black and White (黒と白) is the eleventh volume of the Silver Diamond series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

As the Imperial Prince shows up with the awoken Sanome, the alternate world is now running under two Princes, two Sanomes, and two leaders. What's more, the wind dragons have appeared as predicted, and are aiming their fangs at Rakan and the others...?! The drama of switching alternate worlds starts now!! This is the 11th volume, and the 4 extra stories such as "Daily Conversation" are also a must-read!


Chapter 31: An AccountEdit

Chapter 32: Direction of the WindEdit

Chapter 33: Black and WhiteEdit

Volume ExtrasEdit


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