Silver Diamond Side Stories
Publication Information
  • January 20, 2013
    (ISBN : 978-4864231978)
 cover dates

  • Oct., Nov., and Dec. 2012

Silver Diamond Side Stories (SILVER DIAMOND 外伝) is the volume released after the final volume of the Silver Diamond series. It contains various stories connected to the series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

The extra story elaborating on the meaning of Rakan's miracle is an absolute gem!! "Map of Darkness", which depicts the Guards' life before meeting Rakan,"The Last Shelter from the Rain", their reunion in the alternate world years after the final battle, and 9 pages of extra stories such as "The Slope of Yomotsuhira", etc. are also worth-seeing!!


Map of DarknessEdit

The Last Shelter from the RainEdit

Volume ExtrasEdit

Part of His Legend Edit

Koh decides to teach Goushi a new word, one for an older man who's romantically interested in younger women. Rakan stops him before "lolicon" is permanently introduced into the other world's vocabulary.

Settled In Edit

Chigusa talks about how happy he is in his new home life with Rakan, and Koh compares him to a newlywed.

By the Way, They Call Tohji "Tohji-kun" Edit

Rakan introduces Chigusa and Narushige to his school friends, who attempt to come up with appropriate honorifics to use with the two.

Yomostu Hirasaka Edit

Kazuhi contemplates whether or not he has the strength to stay among the living; Miya and Goushi support him, one by his side and the other taking care of the Sanome Guards, waiting for Kazuhi to return.