Sd12 - Sanome
Basic Information
Kanji name 沙芽
Romaji name Sanome
Type Sanome
Gender Female
Ayame Prince's and Sanome Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 8 (VOlume 3)

The Sanome woman was born from the plant found in the grave of Rakan's mother. Similar to the Prince, she does not have a name, so people just call her "Sanome-sama". Kinrei and the Prince stole her from Rakan's garden.


She appears identical to Rakan's mother, so much so that Rakan mistakenly thought she was upon first meeting her as an adult.


As she has no name, she is only referred to as "Sanome-sama" by citizens of the Amato Empire. Sanome (沙芽) has the characters for "sand" and "bud/sprout".


Sanome do not have a strong sense of self or personality. This Sanome appears to have inherited some of personality and abilities from the Sanome she grew from, Rakan's mother, in that she could recognize Rakan even from an early age[citation needed] and knew how to speak some words.[citation needed]


Rakan SawaEdit

This Sanome sprouted from the grave of Sae Sawa, Rakan's mother, and her kidnapping by Kinrei and the Prince was what motivated Rakan to leave with Chigusa and the others to the Amato Empire. After becoming an adult, she was initially mistaken by Rakan for his mother; even after finding out that she wasn't, Rakan continued to work towards liberating her from the Prince's control.

Her love for Rakan, inherited from his mother, was what caused her to look for Rakan and Chigusa during their battle with Kinrei and the Prince. After the four perished, she gave up her life to reviatlize them, encasing them in trees to restore and protect them.


The Prince has not been shown to have any real interest in the Sanome woman; his initial kidnapping of her was so he could taunt Rakan and secure a source of power for himself. Throughout the series, the two have had little contact, except when the Prince had need of her abilities to grow plants or when he needed an easy source of life to drain.

Shigeyuki ShigekaEdit

Though she initially has no connection with Shigeyuki, the Sanome woman's resemblance to Sae Sawa causes Shigeyuki to take the Sanome under her wing, eventually culminating in Shigeyuki's attempted murder/suicide of the two.


  • Sanome powers: She can grow plants at will.
  • Speech: She has some powers of speech, most notably being able to say Rakan's age from an early age