A Sanome is a being that can grow plants at will. They are revered in the Amato Empire for this reason. It is said that only women from the Shigeka clan can bear Sanome; in truth, however, Sanome are born either from a Samone tree (females) or from other Sanome (males).


Sanome were originally created by Hoshiminokoto in order to support the desertified world.[citation needed] In order to control their birth, he created them to grow from seeds. Eventually, these seeds weakened, and additional nutriets were needed for them to sprout and grow; typically, these extra nutrients were acquired through having a human (typically a woman from the Shigeka family) swallow the seed. The seed would sprout and begin to grow, covering the human in bark and immobolizing them, allowing the seed and Sanome to feed off of the human. This resulted in extreme pain for the host.[citation needed]

It is not known at what time Sanome seeds became too weak to grow without external aid. The last known Sanome to be born without human sacrifice was Rakan[citation needed], though the seed that produced him was said to be very old, possibly one of the original ones.[citation needed]


Because Sanome are born from the fruit of the Sanome tree, most of their body is made from plant material, though they look human. All Sanome women are identical in appearance, though identification is not usually an issue, as only one or two are ever alive at the same time.[citation needed]

It is possible for a Sanome woman to give birth to a male Sanome through impregnation from a human male; if she gives birth, however, she will lose her ability to grow plants at will.[citation needed] The male child, while retaining his natural abilities, will be sterile.[citation needed]


Sanome do not generally have a sense of self or a distinct personality. It is possible to teach them how to talk, however, which can lead to them gaining emotions.

Rakan is an exception to this; he has his own will and sense of self, and isn't primarily made up of plant material.


Sanome can grow plants at will in the Amato Empire. This ability weakens, however, on Earth, and doesn't appear to produce magical effects.

Rakan has the additional ability to modify a plant's "circuits", so as to modify its behavior or appearance. It is unknown if his ability is particular to him, or limited to powerful Sanome in general, as by the time of his birth all of the remaining Sanome seeds had weakend.


Sanome (沙芽) has the characters for "sand" and "bud/sprout".

Sanome was spelled differently in the past. Back then, the "sa" of Sanome was spelled with the character for "silk gauze" (紗), but it was changed into the character for "sand".[citation needed]

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