Sd16 - Kagan
Rikka Kagan
Basic Information
Kanji name 可岸葎可
Romaji name Kagan Rikka
Gender Male
Ayame Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 21 (Volume 7)

He is the last of the Kagan family. He loves Yoruaki like his own child. He carries an incurable illness, and stepped forward and personally asked Yoruaki to be the one to test the medicine he made. His body was mixed with stones and plants because of the medicine. He attacked Rakan and the Numbered Children upon Kinrei's command, but his body couldn't withstand it and ended up being on the brink of death. He is currently asleep thanks to the "Snow Flowers" Rakan grew.


Rikka is a tall man with short black hair.


Kagan (可岸) has the characters for "can/passable/must not" and "beach".

Rikka (葎可) has the characters for "vines/trailing plants/creepers" and "can/passable/must not".



Yoruaki YorubashiEdit


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