Besides Mitama, several other giant serpents roam around the Amato Empire. These serpents do not generally appear for long periods of time; most die soon after coming in contact with the Death God.


Kanji name: 青火 (Blue Fire)

The serpent that Rakan met at Aobi Pond. It is also the first serpent he met.


Kanji name: 月白 (White Moon)

The serpent who was imprisoned for a long time under the ground of the town where Hirahara clan lives. Its death was nearing and it was outraged that it was going to die without knowing why it was born. However, its anger was appeased when Rakan pointed out to it that it would turn into a river after it dies. This knowledge was passed onto Mitama, who distributed it and Rakan's existence to the other serpents.


Kanji name: 朝露 (Morning Dew)


Kanji name: 卯の花 (Deutzia, a shrub'with white/pink flowers)

The serpent previously known as "Kokuyou" (黒曜, which are the first two characters in the word for "obsidian", 黒曜石) when it was under Kinrei's control. Its body was being controlled, but was able to go back to normal thanks to Sae and Mitama. It was planning to work with Rakan and the others, but ended up dying because it was attacked by Yukinoha.


Kanji name: 雪の葉 (Snow Leaves)

The serpent Kinrei and Kagan Rikka controlled, ordering it to attack Unohana in Volume 16.


Kanji name: 白波 (White Waves)

The serpent the Sanome Prince's Guards met in Volume 17.


Kanji name: 山霧 (Mountain Fog)