A child with a number in their name. This number is reflected as kanji in the child's first name, and so their status isn't readily apparent in the English translation, as the number's pronunciation may take many forms.


It is considered bad luck in the Amato Empire to needlessly kill a child, so any useless or extra children in families are given numbers in their names, segregated, and are usually used for hard labor. Usually, the number counts upward in each family with each new numbered child.

There is one known mass abandonment of numbered children: set before the manga begins, Miya, Goushi, and the rest of the eventual Frontier Guards (with the notable exception of Kazuhi) were gathered by the Prince and Kinrei and transported magically to the fringes of the empire, where Kazuhi was living.

Notable Numbered ChildrenEdit

The Frontier Guards are especially notable as, besides being the most prominently featured numbered children in the series, they, as a group, modified their names after being abandoned to remove the numbers in their names (while retaining the pronunciation). Miya was responsible for finding the different kanji they used.