Shigeka Narushige
Narushige Shigeka
Basic Information
Kanji name 重華成重
Romaji name Shigeka Narushige
  • Ill Omen
  • Sister
  • Mother
  • Mother-in-law
Gender Male
21 years old
Sanome Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2 (Volume1)

Narushige Shigeka (重華成重, Shigeka Narushige) is one of the four main protagonists of Silver Diamond. He is a 21 year old man who was born within the Shigeka Clan, a family which only bore women. He was known as the Ill Omen and people blamed his birth for the Amato Empire becoming its current disastrous state. He met Rakan and Chigusa by also being dropped into Rakan's backyard garden. He is one of Rakan's main protectors, from both harm and Chigusa.


Narushige is a beautiful, androgynous young man with long, very light brownish-blonde hair. He is tall and slender and often has his hair tied back in a ponytail. Many people have mistaken him to be a woman on first sight, which he dislikes. He is almost never seen without his friend Koh, the talking sword-snake.


Shigeka is the name of a women's only clan. The name Shigeka contains the characters for 'heavy/pile up' (重) and 'flower/gorgeous/shine' (華). It is read as 'a pile of flowers'.

Narushige is a name with a ominous meaning, fit for the so-called 'Ill Omen'. Narushige contains the characters for 'become/grow' (成) and 'heavy/pile up' (重). His name meaning is meant to read 'grave' as in grave feelings.


Narushige has a serious, motherly personality which makes everyone want to call him 'sister', 'mother', or 'mother-in-law'. He likes to cook and clean, similar to Rakan, and has a weakness for things he considers cute (mainly Rakan). He is very protective of his comrades and has tremendous trust in them - unless it's Chigusa making a move on Rakan. He has a severe complex towards his mother, whom he hates and wants to kill. He, like Chigusa and Tohji, is moved by Rakan's endearing kindness. Narushige has no problem raising his sword against friend and foe alike, especially if either mean his other friends harm. He is insecure around his sister Sae because she resembles his mother in appearance, though nothing in personality.


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  1. Revealed in Volume 18.
  2. Revealed in Volume 18.