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  • Hello,

    I'm thinking to write some chapter summaries starting from the 8th volume on, because I've read up to the last chapter released few days ago so it's all quite fresh. More or less :-)

    Since writing an entire chapter summary will probably take a bit of time, is ok to write the extra chapter summaries that are easier to write for me, in meantime ? Most of them are unrelated or just slightly related to the main plot so there wouldn't be main spoliers there.



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  • Thanks a lot for your reply to my message, for the nice welcome and the encouragement!

    I am writing the summary for chapter 38 but I'm having trouble with it, since though lots of things happen, it's not that there is action like "action", it's mostly talk, which I adore but I find it hard to put it on paper and more in English. So when I post it (I think it would be before this week ends since I check it several times and sadly, my work's schedule doesn't leave me much free time during the week), I will ask you or Sandreen to take a look at it when you have some time :)

    As I can only read in a relaxed way during the weekends and I'm not sure when I could begin with vol 14, I will probably try to summarize vol 12 after vol 13 (yeah, backwards lol) since I have notes for that volume. But don't worry, I will tell you which one I will write about before I start on it :)

    Regarding the plants/flowers, sure, I have no problem about taking notes of them. I don't remember seeing any new plant (only sakuras) in vol 13. But when I summarize the chapters, apart from reading my notes, I reread the chapters just in case so I will pay attention to the plants as well ^^

    See you and have a great day!!!

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    • Ah sí, a mí también me gustaría una versión de Silver Diamond en español!

      I've started writing my summary but I'm going very slow since we had to deliver something at work this week. I'm trying to write more now, it's the chapter where the Frontier Guards of the Prince are able to found Rakan & Co :S

      I got to know Sugiura Shiho thanks to a friend's rec, that rec was SD! I also read (but only after I started with SD) "Cinderella Boy" which is cute but it's not as good as SD.

      I'm collecting the chapters of Koori but I will wait to read it since I'm with several series now and I can't handle so many long ones at the same time o_O But I want to read it, since I was told it's good too :D

      And I'm dying to read Shuuten Unknown! It looks so interesting and the guys look so gorgeous! And this thing that links sounds so intriguing!!!

      And thanks a lot to AE for releasing a new chapter of SD! :D

      Have a great weekend!

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    • Sweet Yaoi Fansub actually asked us if they could use AE's raws and translations for a Spanish version of SD, but we haven't been in contact for a few weeks, so I'm not sure where that project ended up...

      Have you read Isagi-Kojima? It's quite good, too. And Koori's amazing! I'm not caught up with it myself (too many groups adopting it then dropping it >.>), but I recently bought one of Sugiura-sensei's artbooks for the series (the Motto! one).

      I believe Paradise Love Scanlations has released the first chapter of SU, if you haven't seen it already. And I know that Dear Marionette and AE are jointing to also release SU, but I haven't heard from DM in quite a while.... I really want to read the series as well. I think what I'm gonna do is sit down with a dictionary and a weekend and read as much as I can of the sucker. :D Might be fun to try to release summaries, although I don't know if my Japanese skills are quite up to scratch for that yet...

      You're welcome for the chapter! :D It's always so exciting to release a new chapter and see how happy everyone is. The team at AE is fantastic, too, and we're going really well scanlating it. There'll be special release days in the future where we'll release more than one chapter for whatever the occasion, so look forward to it! <3

      You have a good weeken too! ^_^

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi!

    I hope you are fine!

    I'm Fantita here or LuckyCloverg69 in LJ, I'm a member of the shiho_s_diamond comm there and I saw a post requesting people to write summaries for the volumes. As I've just read vol 13, I went  ahead and wrote the summary for chapter 37. I asked Sandreen to take a look at it (she kindly did so and corrected some things and gave advice too :D) since I've never written in a wiki and my native language is not English and I am not used to write summaries either.

    I then realized that you are writing summaries for other volumes. If you agree, I will be doing the rest of the chapters for vol 13. If you plan to do so yourself or have any other ideas, please let me know. Any advice or guidelines of your own will be welcome too ^^

    And thanks so much for working on the wiki of this amazing series! :D

    See you!

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    • Hello!

      It's nice to meet you, Fantita! Thanks so much for helping out around here; it feels a little lonely with just me and sandreen. ^^

      Go ahead and do all the summaries for volume 13- I'm nowhere near there yet. ^^ I'm just going to go in order, so I'll be working on 4 next. When you get done with 13, feel free to move on to 14 if you want to.

      I'll also re-read what you wrote and clean anything up if need be. ^^ The more people who check something, the better the chance they'll catch all the little mistakes.

      I don't have any advice for you right now- after reading over chapter 37's summary, I don't see anything in drastic need of improvement. I'll let you know if I think of anything, though. :)

      I do have a request, though- as you go through, could you note down the plants that appear and are used by Rakan and his friends? You don't need to include that in the summary; sandreen and I have been discussing how to best create pages for the plants that appear in the series, whether we should make seperate pages or group them all into one. Because of that, we've decided to gather data as we come across it in the books. If you wouldn't mind, it would be fantastic if, while you're reading, you could make a list of plant names  what pages they're used on. Could you send me the list, say, once you've finished working on volume 13? Again, this isn't for posting yet- just for data gathering purposes.

      If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me again. And thank you again for helping; SD is one of my favorite series, and it's so much fun to see other fans involved.

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    • /intrudes

      @crowncomposer Perhaps we should create just one page for the plant (and plant-based items) and when the page gets too long (IDK, like having more than 20 plants or so, maybe?), we could eventually transfer some of them to another page?

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    • That sounds like a good idea. That way we can input data as we go. There'll be quite a bit of cut/paste if we need to expand to multiple pages, but that's more tedious, not difficult. My vote = yes.

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  • Don't you think you think the Reviews section should be after the Editions section, since they're mostly external links and all, and not really stuff that came from Sugiura herself? (Haha, I'm kind of just basing the order of the sections from how the HP Wiki did it.)

    Also, make the width for the future tables of the review section 100% so that it would fill the whole area. :D

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    • They're "Kingen's Guards" eventually? Interesting. Then again, I still haven't read anything past 44 (besides 51). >.>

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    • Good for you. XD (At least you haven't been spoiled much yet.) The first time someone revealed some SD spoilers to me, I got so sad, hahaha.

      From what I remember, even one of the Kingens called them "Kingen's guards" in volume 24. (I also found Alexiel's Chinese blog entry calling them "The Blonde Pervent's Guards", lol.)

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  • Decided to give you bureaucrat powers too, in case you have someone you want to be an admin and the other bureaucrats are inactive. :)

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  • Hi, welcome to Silver Diamond Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:51clo-tik3L.jpg page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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