Basic Information
Kanji name クロ
Romaji name Kuro
Type Stone Wolf
Gender Female
Sanome Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 19 {Volume 7}

Kuro is a huge black-eyed female stone wolf. She was imprisoned under the ground, but was able to get out because of an earthquake. She saved Rakan and the others by attacking Hakubi and Zakuro. Koh is the only one who can understand her language. Rakan and the others ride on her back to travel faster. Her staple food are stones and flowers. Black serpents avoid her for some reason.


Kuro is a big black wolf that is much larger than a human. She has a horn in the middle of her forehead.


Kuro's name means "black". "Kuro" is a common name for pets in Japan.


People tend to be scared of her because of her threatening physical attributes, but she very kind deep inside. She adoringly calls Narushige "big sister" (oneesama).



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