Kinrei Kingen
Basic Information
Kanji name 金弦金隷
Romaji name Kingen Kinrei
Gender Male
Ayame Prince's side
  • Kinjou Kingen (father)
  • Narushige Shigeka (half-brother)[1]
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2 (Volume 1)

His childhood name was Kinrei (金令). He was the only one that can hear the Prince's voice, so his name was changed to Kinrei (金隷), the one who serves the Prince. He used the Prince as a tool to grant his own wish. However, when the Prince chose to die rather than to become his tool, Kinrei then saw the Prince as a living person rather than as a puppet that sprouted emotions that the latter didn't have until then. He made amends with the Prince and together, they fight against Rakan's group. He abandons the world that is coming to its end and aims to become superhuman. Chigusa remarks that even though Kinrei appears to be just a human right now, the latter's composition was strange when he was younger.


He has brown skin and long blond hair, which are the typical physical attributes of the Kingen family.


Kingen (金弦) has the characters for "gold" and "bowstring/chord". Kinrei (金隷) has the characters for "gold" and "slave/servant". Kinrei was previously spelled as "金令", which has the characters for "gold" and "command/order/decree".


He can be quite manipulative. He treats most of his allies as tools for him to use.



Narushige ShigekaEdit



  1. Revealed in Volume 18.

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