Sd10 - Karaku
Karaku Utaeda
Basic Information
Kanji name 歌支歌珞
Romaji name Utaeda Karaku
Gender Female
Sanome Prince's side
  • Souta Utaeda (foster father)
  • Kinue Utaeda (foster mother)

Utaeda Karaku (歌支歌珞) was thrown away by her parents because of her peculiar ears, but Utaeda Souta (歌支沿歌) and Utaeda Kinue (歌支きぬえ) picked her up and raised her as their daughter. The humans around the neighborhood feared her because she can hear voices from afar and talk with immortal birds made from leaves and branches.


Karaku has pointed ears and pupils shaped like slits. She has long hair that is usually tied up in a high ponytail.


Utaeda (歌支) has the characters for "song/sing"and "branch/support".

Karaku (歌珞) has the characters for "song/sing"and "necklace".



Rakan SawaEdit

Immortal BirdsEdit

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