Basic Information
Kanji name 星示御言
Romaji name Hoshiminokoto
  • God
Gender Male
Sanome Prince's group (?)

Judging from his uncommon name, he seems to be a person of great power/authority. He appears in an illusion, similar to the ones created by Kinrei and the Prince. He seems to be on Rakan and Chigusa's side.


He has the same hair and skin color as the Kingen family. He has abandoned his physical body, and so must use shining sand to appear in front of people.

Etymology Edit

星 (ho)- star; spot; dot; mark

示 (shi)- show; indicate; point out; express; display

御 (mi)- honorable; manipulate; govern

言 (koto)- say

When making stone puppets, the words "speaking for the stars" refers "guiding through words" the direction of the shape and ability those puppets should turn into. Hence, his name means "the very word which guides the people".[1]


He believes he is in the right, and that his creations have no hearts. He cannot seem to comprehend that he may be hurting others feelings by treating them like puppets.


Chigusa SenrohEdit

Rakan SawaEdit


  • He can use shining sand to appear as an illusion.


  1. Revealed in Chapter 51 (Volume 17).

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