Sd8 - Hakubi
Hakubi Shirakawa
Basic Information
Kanji name 白河白琵
Romaji name Shirakawa Hakubi
Gender Male
  • Ayame Prince's side
  • Sanome Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 17 (Volume 6)

Hakubi Shirakawa is the only child of the Shirakawa family, which is one of the upper class families that live mainly in the capital. Under Kinrei's orders, he tried and failed to kill Rakan and the others. When he tried going back to the capital, but he ended up flying to where the Sanome Prince's Guards are. Zakuro is his stone beast.


He has red-brown hair, which he ties up in a half-ponytail.


Shirakawa (白河) has the characters for "white" and river". Hakubi (白琵) has the characters for "white" and "glissando on strings/lute".


Being the only child in the family, Hakubi grew up spoiled. He believed that friends are people you brag about, so Rakan asserted that he had a "bad personality". He has a weird misunderstanding about Rakan & Chigusa's relationship, and Kazuhi & Tohji. The Guards find his misunderstanding funny and enjoys leaving him alone to make his own conclusions.