Chigusa Senroh
Basic Information
Kanji name 千鋃千艸
Romaji name Senroh Chigusa
  • Pervert
  • Monster
  • Death God[1]
Gender Male
  • Late 20's in terms of looks
  • 1,000 years old[2]
Sanome Prince's side
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1 (Volume 1)

Chigusa Senroh is known as the last member of the Senroh family, which is known as the "Family of Sinners". The Senroh family has a reputation of going wild and killing people.They have the power to heal themselves, hence they are believed to be monsters that can't die. He originally had no recollection of his past memories when he met Rakan.


Chigusa has black hair, wears goggles and carries a tree rifle around with him. He is usually standing by "Rakan"-sama's side.


Senroh (千鋃) has the characters for "thousand" and "lock/lathanum". Chigusa (千艸) has the characters for "thousand" and "grass/plants".

His former surname Sengin (千銀) has the characters for "thousand" and "silver". However, silver is not viewed positively in the alternate world, because of its grayish color. The color reminds people of when objects turned gray and ended so people associate it with death.This is why Chigusa changed the character for his last name into "鋃" (roh) which can also mean "chains", which is one stroke different from the character "gin" (銀) of Sengin.[3]


Before meeting Rakan, Chigusa only considered other people as "harmful", "harmless", or "useful". He sometimes phrases his words wrong and expresses his thoughts in a suggestive manner, but later on he does it on purpose. He is a self-proclaimed Rakan otaku, and the others call him a pervert.


Rakan SawaEdit

Chigusa at first considerd Rakan a tool to defeat the Prince due to him being a Sanome. However, as the story progressed, Chigusa came to care for Rakan due to his kind-hearted personality. He is very protective of Rakan and will do anything to protect him from harm, even at the cost of his own life.




Blood Bandages: Thanks to the plants are mixed in his body, when he gets injured, the blood that comes out winds around his body like a bandage. Hence, as long as the sanome Rakan is with him, Chigusa is invincible. Eyes: His eyes have x-ray powers, and can "see" faraway places. Since he is able to see much more compared to the naked eye. He usually uses goggles to control it.


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