The immortal birds are first introduced in volume 10, chapter 28. They are commanded by Karaku to attack Chigusa, Narushige, and Tohji, but are ultimately unsuccessful. They eventually become some of Rakan's greatest allies, allowing him to easily communicate with his friends over distances that span the Amato Empire. One particular bird, later named Ao Tsubaki, becomes a constant companion to Rakan's group.

History Edit

The immortal birds have existed ever since there were still forests in the world. Since the forests withered, they appear to have all gathered at the village where Karaku resides, apparently since she is able to understand and communicate with them.

Appearance Edit

The immortal birds' makeup are as follows:

Immortal Bird Anatomy[1]

They are primarily made up of leaves and stones. The two ingredients combine to form a fluffy-looking bird, generally about the size of a person's head. Larger, combined immortal birds are around the size of an adult human, and generally only form when facing formidable enemies.

When destroyed, the leaves and stones of a bird lay in an unorganized pile; reincarnation allows their bodies to effortlessly reform. It is not known how close the "ingredients" need to be to each other for reformation, or even if a bird needs its original materials to reform.

The immortal birds do not appear to have genders.

Abilities Edit

Their bodies can combine to form larger birds, or break down to produce smaller ones. Birds broken up from the same original bird can communicate with each other in their heads in the same fashion as the great serpents. Chigusa is able to "reprogram" them to mimic sounds they hear and "talk"; Rakan and his Guards use these two abilities to communicate with each other over large distances with the birds.[2] No apparent range for this ability has been found.

If destroyed, they can turn back again with the use of the following incantation:

You are an Immortal Bird.
The everlasting leaves are your unbreakable wings.
You are stitched with celestial threads.
Arise like cicadas......![3]

Named Birds Edit

It is not known whether all birds in the series have been named; the ones that have are as follows:

  • Tsubaki (椿 Camellia, a flowering shrub)
  • Matsuba (松葉 Pine needle, which are pine tree's leaves)
  • Hiiragi (柊 Holly)
  • Yamabuki (山吹 Japanese rose shrub)
  • Mizuki (水木 Dogwood)
  • Tachibana (橘 Inedible citrus plant)
  • Sazanka (山茶花 Sasanqua, an evergreen shrub)

One bird was able to choose a "first name" for itself, Ao Tsubaki; this bird became Rakan's group's constant companion.


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