Black creatures that live in the sand in the Amato Empire. The Ayame Prince is the only known intelligent ayame.


Ayame are typically black, scaly creatures that lack more than two developed limbs. The back half of their bodies becomes less substantial as they nears the ground, where they are attached. Because of this, ayame cannot lift themselves off the ground unless they have grown wings.

Their source of food is anything alive; they will absorb energy from plants, animals, and people until they have killed their food.

Ayame are not intelligent creatures. Instead, they live purely on instinct in their quest to absorb nutrients.

Practical UsesEdit

After an ayame has been killed, its eye can be dried and cut out to make a lens for an eyepiece. The original abilities of the eye, such as clear sight or the ability to see far in the distance, can then be used by the wearer of the eyepiece.