Sd11 - Tsubaki

Ao Tsubaki is an immortal bird made from leaves, branches and stones. It is a part of an immortal bird called "Tsubaki". Karaku Utaeda gave it to Rakan's group as a means to communicate.


Ao Tsubaki has green leaves acting as its feathers, and white stones to act as bones. It is about the size of a human head.


Ao is very friendly and helpful towards Rakan's group, often acting as the group's means of communication with other parties within the Amato Empire who have an immortal bird.

Abilities Edit

Ao, like all immortal birds, can combine with others of it kind to form a larger bird, or break down into smaller birds. It can also communicate with other Tsubaki birds within its mind. Once Chigusa reprograms the immortal birds to mimic sounds they hear, Ao is able to relay the words of faraway people when there is an immortal bird near them to Rakan's group.[1]

Etymology Edit

Ao Tsubaki (青椿) has the characters for "blue" (青) and "camellia" (椿). It chose the first name "Ao" as an homage to the blue skies it remembered from long ago.[citation needed]


Karaku UtaedaEdit

Ao Tsubaki was one of the birds living with Karaku before Rakan's group arrived at their village. It left to follow Rakan after the group's departure.

Rakan SawaEdit

Ao is very friendly with Rakan (as well as with every other member of his group), often sitting on his shoulder or allowing hugs. At the end of the series, Ao remains living with the Guards.

References Edit

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